OA Action Plan Toolkit

By joining the OA Alliance and endorsing the Call to Action, members commit to creating a unique OA Action Plan that addresses one or more of the goals within the OA Alliance’s Call to Action.

OA Action Plans describe real, tangible actions that members are taking—or will take—to better understand and respond to the threat of ocean acidification and other climate-ocean stressors and impacts. 

To facilitate the development of OA Action Plans, the OA Alliance has created this Action Toolkit as a guide.

“The OA Alliance Toolkit is helping us to address this challenging subject, by providing a framework which can be used to assess existing ocean acidification work programmes against.  During our OA Action Planning workshop with policymakers, scientists and other stakeholders, the toolkit helped us to highlight areas that we are already advancing, as well as areas that could benefit most from further development.”

Tim Riding

Senior Analyst , Moana Tahora Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand

A Process for Getting Started

Learn How to Join the Newly Launched Ocean Acidification Information Exchange

Listen to Jennifer Hennessey, Ocean Policy Lead for the Washington State Department of Ecology and Shallin Busch, NOAA Ocean Acidification Program, describe how to use and interact with the new Ocean Acidification Information Exchange.

Regional Collaboration to Address OA, Commission a  Vulnerability Assessment and Develop Monitoring Sites

Learn how OA Alliance member SPREP (Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme) is working to ensure the Pacific Islands and Territories are more resilient to ocean acidification impacts through adaptation measures under the New Zealand Pacific Partnership on Ocean Acidification.

City-Led Actions to Mitigate, Adapt and Build Resiliency to Ocean Acidification

(Download “City-Led Actions to Address OA”)

Watch a presentation from the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada about their work to pilot a blue carbon sequestration project.

State-Led Efforts to Address OA- Convening a Task Force, Commission or Panel

Watch a presentation from the State of Oregon Coordinating Council on Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia and learn about their work to create a state-led OA Action Plan as called for by the OA Alliance.

Affiliate Member OA Action Plans


(Download “Ocean Conservancy’s Affiliate Member OA  Action Plan “)

Discover the critical role that Affiliate Members play in the OA Alliance.  Learn how the Ocean Conservancy developed a unique OA Action Plan that is focused on education and engaging decision-makers.  The OA Action Plan also focuses on helping and supporting other memebers in doing the same.

Incorporating OA into Nationally Determined Contributions Pursuant to the Paris Climate Agreement

(Download “Incorporating OA into NDCs” )

Listen to presentations from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Varda Group and Secretariat to the Because the Ocean Declaration describe the role of NDCs broadly in meeting goals set in the Paris Climate Agreement and how oceans might be incorporated.

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