Join the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification, an international network of governments and organizations that together will address ocean acidification and other threats from changing ocean conditions.


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of the Earth is covered by oceans.

billion people rely on the ocean for their primary protein source.

trillion dollars in economic activity is supported by the ocean each year.


of the Earth's oxygen is generated by our oceans.

Taylor Shellfish in Shelton, WA. Photo by Barb Kinney for Ocean Conservancy

Taylor Shellfish in Shelton, WA. Photo by Barb Kinney for Ocean Conservancy

Healthy oceans are critical for ensuring food security in highly vulnerable regions and for promoting thriving coastal economies. However, drastic climate related changes are occurring in our oceans – from oyster die-offs to coral reef bleaching – that are being felt by coastal communities around the world.

Working together, we can increase global attention on actions that address the causes of ocean acidification and changing ocean conditions, as well as reduce future impacts to our coastal communities, economies and the health of our oceans.


The Need


increase in ocean acidity due to increased carbon emissions.

To protect our oceans, it is imperative that we significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions across the world. Indeed, science indicates that we can avert a larger crisis if we act immediately to reduce carbon emissions. In 2015, 195 countries signed the historic Climate Agreement in Paris committing to meaningful and timely action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The world’s nations and subnational governments must succeed in reducing emissions in order to protect the health of the oceans and other natural systems on which the planet depends.

Working to halt the progress of ocean acidification and manage its impacts on our coastal communities, economies and ecosystems requires new focus, new investments, increased partnerships and a commitment to immediate action.

Ocean acidity has already increased by 30 percent and is expected to double over pre-industrial levels by the end of this century as a result of the ocean absorbing one-third of the atmospheric carbon dioxide generated by human activities. Significant adverse impacts on fisheries and marine ecosystems have already been documented due to ocean acidification and these impacts will worsen in the future.

Photo by Brian Kingzett

In joining the Alliance, governments and affiliated partners will endorse a Global Call to Action and will commit to taking to taking actions that address the environmental and economic threat posed by ocean acidification within their region by creating their own unique OA Action Plan.

Latest Updates


Helping to Build the Ocean and Climate Change Dialogue

The final COP25 decision, Chile Madrid Time for Action, opened up a dialogue on the ocean and climate change, a major step forward in elevating and integrating ocean across the UNFCCC.

Read the entire OA Alliance submission to the Ocean and Climate Change Dialogue. 

Messages from Member Leaders

“Support and cooperation are needed by the alliance. This can be achieved in the form of information sharing of recent science, importance of best practices to mitigate and adapt and a call for collaboration.”   

Semi Koroilavesau

Fiji Minister of Fisheries

Governor Inslee, State of Washington

Governor Brown, State of Oregon

“For us the process of acidification is a high concern, taking in consideration the economic, environmental and social consequences for a country that has more than 4000 kilometres of coastlines, home of many species and ecosystems that need to be protected. The ocean is also home of key economic activities. Chile is one of the 10 main ocean economies of the world, employing more than 100.000 people in direct jobs in the fisheries sector both industrial and artisanal.”

Ambassador Isauro Torres

Director for Environment and Oceanic Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile

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To join the Alliance or learn more about the Global Call to Action, please express your interest via email to Jessie Turner, Project Coordinator to the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification. Ms. Turner will share a copy of the Call to Action for your review and consideration to join the Alliance.

Jessie Turner, Project Coordinator

Our Work

The Alliance invites individual members, both government, and affiliate, at all stages of learning about and responding to ocean acidification.