Building your action plan

There are many approaches to building an OA Action Plan. Some plans may stand alone and others may be integrated into existing climate, ocean or ecosystem plans that guide government actions. The OA Alliance will be working in 2018 to develop an OA Action Plan template, in addition to sharing best practices and existing efforts of members as they develop their actions around ocean acidification.

Members will be supported in their work to develop and advance OA Action Plans, through information exchange of the most recent and relevant science and policy best practices. Members also have access to the Action Toolkit and to regular convenings of members remotely and at international oceans and climate meetings.

Questions for new Alliance members to consider when starting an OA Action Plan


  • What are the particular impacts, or potential impacts that are of greatest concern?
  • Does your government work with other non-state or state actors on OA related activities?
  • Where are you now in the process of responding to or understanding those threats or impacts?
  • Who should begin to develop the plan?
  • Does the process begin with government or agency leaders? Do stakeholders or other partners help begin development?
  • What should the scope of the plan be?
  • Will you document existing actions? Expand upon existing actions? Call for new actions?
  • What government office or entity will implement the plan?
  • Are you asking for actions from government, agencies, or from the public?
  • Are there existing government ocean plans or climate plans that could incorporate actions to address ocean acidification?

The guidelines and proposed process below may help get you started.

OA Alliance Call to Action


Upon joining the OA Alliance, review foundational documents:

  • Call to Action
  • OA Action Plan Toolkit
  • Other reports/ studies/ resources
Outline Existing & Future Actions

Begin outlining the existing or future actions you might include in your own OA Action Plan:

  • What are your priorities?
  • Which of the Call to Action goals are most relevant?
  • Are any actions already being taken to address OA in your jurisdiction through other policies or plans?
  • Who should initiate or convene a planning process?
  • Is there capacity to implement the plan?
Public Process

Engage the Community and Tell Your Story.

Find opportunities to reach the public, local policy makers, regional industry and other stakeholders:

  • Do you want to engage in a public process that identifies new actions or identifies priorities?
  • How can you share information about OA and its potential impacts?
  • How can stakeholders shape or endorse the development of your OA Action Plan?
Detailed Action Plan

Release your OA Action Plan.

  • Detail what your jurisdiction has done, is doing, or will do to advance the goals stated in the Call to Action and address the impacts of OA.
  • The OA Alliance can showcase your plan on their website and help communicate its impact.