“The science is very clear that ocean acidification will continue to intensify. Right now, we have a window of opportunity to take actions that will best prepare ourselves for changes ahead.”

Francis Chan

Associate Professor, Senior Research, Oregon State University, USA

Call to Action

The Alliance’s Call to Action provides an immediate opportunity for parties across the globe to highlight ocean acidification as an imminent threat to coastal economies and ocean ecosystems.

The Call to Action identifies five goals that – together – the Alliance will work to further:

  Advance scientific understanding of ocean acidification.

  Take meaningful actions to reduce causes of acidification.

  Protect the environment and coastal communities from impacts of a changing ocean.

  Expand public awareness and understanding of acidification.

  Build sustained support for addressing this global problem.

Individual Alliance members are committed to supporting the work of the Alliance broadly, and are committed to taking meaningful actions where they are located by crafting their own unique Ocean Acidification Action Plan. OA Action Plans should focus on advancing the five goals of the Call to Action.