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Alliance members will be supported in their efforts through information exchange of the most recent and relevant science, best practices to mitigate and adapt, sharing examples of existing OA Action Plans, and through periodic convening of members at high-level international oceans and climate-related meetings. Ceremonies, recruitment events, webinars and workshops to connect members and help advance the Alliance’s work will be organized throughout the year.

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By joining the OA Alliance, member governments endorse the Call to Action and commit to broadly support the five goals within the Call. This includes building sustained local, regional and international support for tackling this global problem.

The Alliance invites membership from countries, states, provinces, counties and cities, and Tribes and First Nations that are concerned about the impacts of ocean acidification and are prepared to highlight the issue of ocean acidification.  Alliance members will commit to crafting their own unique OA Action Plan in keeping with their existing capacity.

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The Alliance also invites universities, non-governmental organizations, industry associations, businesses, and other parties to join and participate as affiliate members. Affiliate members will commit to elevating the issue of ocean acidification within their institution, business or organization and helping to advance the work of the Alliance in keeping with their own resources and networks. Affiliate involvement brings vital expertise and perspectives and supports broader awareness of OA issues and actions. Affiliate members are encouraged to create their own organizational OA Action Plan.

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“California considers climate change to be a threat not only to our coasts, but to the world. The impacts of ocean acidification threaten our fisheries and ecosystems along the West Coast. Inaction is no longer an option, and we are committed to work towards a zero-carbon emissions economy that will invest in our future and stem the tide of alarming climate-related changes in our oceans. Through these collective agreements, we are proving we can tackle this global threat”

John Laird

Secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency

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To join the Alliance or learn more about the Global Call to Action, please express your interest via email to Project Coordinator, Jessie Turner at Ms. Turner will share a copy of the Call to Action for your review and consideration to join the Alliance.

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