Build an Action Plan

OA Action Plans describe real, tangible actions that members are taking—or will take—to better understand and respond to the threat of ocean acidification and other climate-ocean impacts.

OA Action Plans include strategies for reducing carbon emissions and local land-based pollution, strengthening monitoring nearshore to better understand and predict local conditions, investing in adaptive measures in partnership with industry or seafood dependent communities, and advancing information sharing strategies that help policy makers respond. 

OA Action plans will not all have the same framework or structure, for example some members may choose to write a stand-alone plan, while others may decide to address ocean acidification mitigation, adaptation and resiliency within existing Climate Action Plans, Ocean Action Plans, Nationally Determined Contributions persuant to the Paris Climate Agreement, or decide to integrate actions across ecosystem management tools.

The Alliances encourages Affiliate members to create OA Action Plans that describe how they can use their capacity to support and encourage actions that mitigate, adapt and build resiliency to OA and serve a critical role in education, outreach, data gathering, information sharing.