U.S. State -Led OA Action Planning in the Mid-Atlantic

Co-Hosted by MACAN and OA Alliance

April 12, 2021

1:00-2:00pm EST



60 minutes

(1)  Welcome and Introductions

Avalon Bristow, Co-Coordinator, MARCO (5 minutes)

(2) Updates and perspectives from the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, Coastal Working Group (5 minutes)

  • Brief overview of NCEL
  • Update on formation of Coastal Working Group 


(3) Brief overview of OA Action Plans as Envisioned by the OA Alliance and report out from U.S. State meeting

Confirmed Speaker:  Jessie Turner, Project Manager, OA Alliance (8 minutes)

  • Recap of 2020 virtual meeting of U.S. states and pending CMJ OA themed edition
    • Which states participated
    • Report out from federal partners NOAA and EPA
    • Importance of regional monitoring
  • What might states need from State Legislatures in OA Action Planning?
    • Engagement and support developing priorities
    • Implementation and funding support
    • Political and public awareness of the OA as a critical ocean and climate issue


(4) OA Action Planning in the State of Maryland (10 minutes)

Confirmed Speaker:  Dr. Jim George, Policy Advisor, Water and Science Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment 

  • Framework and impetus for OA Action Plan
  • Monitoring, data and information and supported plan
  • Assessing Risks to Keystone Species
  • Measures of Success and Potential Remediation Tools
  • Why is it important that OA Action be reflected in existing climate, land and coastal management?


 (4) OA Action Planning in the State of New Jersey (10 minutes) 

Confirmed Speakers: Megan Rutkowski, Environmental Specialist, Bureau of Climate Resilience Planning, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Dr. Grace Saba, Assistant Professor, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University

  • Reducing and responding to climate change in New Jersey 
  • Engaging NJ Climate Change Resource Center at Rutgers University


(6) Regional Collaborations to Bridge Science, Monitoring and Research Needs that Support OA Action Planning Efforts  

  • Brief description of MACAN 2021-2022 work plan and priorities
  • Overview and core themes for upcoming MACAN Workshop October 2021:
  • Provide a forum for researchers and state agencies to connect regarding OA action plans and associated data needs. 
  • Identify opportunities for Mid-Atlantic states to coordinate on monitoring and/or data sharing at the regional (water body) scale and not by state boundaries.
  • Connect the Mid-Atlantic states to share their progress, lessons-learned and next steps regarding state OA Action Planning efforts.