OA Alliance Webinar Recording (60 minutes)

November 25, 2019

Preparing for the “Blue Ocean COP25″


(1) Update from the COP25 Presidency, Ms. Rosana Garay Maldonado, Ministry of External Relations, Government of Chile (10 minutes)

  • Overview of goals and outcomes of COP25
  • Ocean landscape—how can governments and civil society best support the Blue COP?

(2) Importance of IPCC Special Report on Ocean and Cryosphere and the Report’s Role at COP25, Dr. Sarah Cooley, OA Program Director, Ocean Conservancy (10 minutes)

  • Brief overview of the IPCC SROCC – when and why was it commissioned?
  • Major finding of Chapter 5 relevant to ocean acidification
  • Implications for groups like the OA Alliance
  • How will the SROCC help shape discussions at COP?



(3) Overview of Ocean Days, Set to Occur December 6-7 at COP25, Ms. Loreley Picourt, Director of International Affairs, Ocean Climate Platform (10 minutes)

  • History of “Ocean Day” at COPs- beginning at COP21
  • What are the core themes of Ocean Day (initiatives, publications and goals?)
  • Ocean Climate Platform report and Because the Ocean NDC report
  • What are best outcomes of Ocean Day and how can governments and civil society engage?

(4) OA Alliance Planned Events, Ms. Jessie Turner, OA Alliance (5 minutes)

  • Brief overview of scheduled events, pavilions and partners.

(5) Following Along at Home- Participating with the Virtual Blue COP25 Platform, Ms. Luisa Sarmiento (10 minutes)

  • What is the Virtual Blue COP25 Platform?
  • Founding partners, goals and outcomes
  • What content will it feature and is there a schedule posted?
  • How can those not attending COP participate and get updates?