In May, Maggie Sanders, the OA Alliance representative for the Nisqually Tribe in Western Washington State, shared why joining the OA Alliance was important to their community.

“The ocean is important to the community because water is life. It’s a part of our culture and a part of our life, since time immemorial,” Maggie said.

Currently, Maggie is organizing a community-based workshop for Washington tribes that will focus on the impacts of ocean acidification to shellfish, the environment and the community. When asked how her work on ocean acidification at a local level connects to her collaboration on an international level, she said, “[T]he ocean is a huge body of water and it takes a lot more than just one community to become involved. I feel that we all need to collaborate and partner together because the ocean reaches every point of contact. It’s a part of our responsibility as earth stewards to protect the ocean. And if other partners are willing to collaborate and the funding is there and the resources are there, it’s time to come together and work together on the international and national.”

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