This week on October 5 and 6, world leaders who are taking action on ocean issues will come together in Malta for the 2017 Our Ocean Conference. Each year government and affiliate participants of the conference deliver commitments in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, fostering a collaborative community working towards solutions to the greatest challenges facing the ocean. Your colleagues within the OA Alliance will be there to share how we are taking action in our regions to combat ocean acidification.

The formation of the OA Alliance was announced at the 2016 Our Ocean Conference. Over the last year, the OA Alliance has grown from a handful of original members to an amazing 47 members. The OA Alliance will continue to build membership, with the goal of having over 60 members by June 2018. OA Alliance membership is based on a shared commitment to take action to combat ocean acidification, both within the member’s region and globally.

On October 6th, the Government of Chile in partnership with the American States of Washington, Oregon and California, the Province of British Columbia, Canada and the Ocean Conservancy will host a breakfast meeting of OA Alliance government and affiliate members occurring in conjunction with Our Ocean conference.

The breakfast meeting will focus on advancing our shared efforts to highlight oceans and ocean acidification at COP23 in addition to discussing the creation of Ocean Acidification Action Plans as tools for beginning or advancing regional implementation of efforts that address the causes and impacts of ocean acidification. We will also discuss plans for COP23 in Bonn.

If your government or organization is attending the Our Ocean Conference, we invite you to attend this important gathering of members and partners. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Jessie Turner at

Please follow the #OAalliance on Twitter if you are watching from afar!